1. Describe yourself in three words.

Enigmatic, loyal, love.

  1. Do you have any personal projects going on right now?

Im getting back to my roots and going back to film. Maybe one day I’ll even get into directing.

  1. What is your best accomplishment?

Growing as a person which will never stop.

4. Who has influenced you the most?

My grandfather.

5. Which form of art you feel the most attracted to?


6.Which is your favorite book, movie and hit of the moment?

Book: “Love is a dog from hell”. Movie: I can’t really say, it’s a hard choice sine I live for film. Hit of the moment: Can’t say either, tough choice!

7.Which city has inspired you the most and why?

I travel a lot and every place has it’s charm, I think the thing is to learn to feel it and tell the things that you loved the most and also hated from that place.

8.How would you describe your style?

I think my style can change as my mood does, and it changes quite often.

  1. In which way, do you think jewelry enhances one’s personality?

It just does.

  1. What does MOHE represent to you?

Edgy and well made classy jewelry.

11.With which MOHE collection do you feel more identified and why?

With all of 7 collections! I think i find myself in all of them to be honest.

  1. What’s your opinion about ethical and sustainable fashion?

I don’t know much about it…